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I was Initially in the market for a Kia Seltos, when I stumbled upon Ken’s posting on marketplace. Hesitantly I decided to inquire.

My wife and I went to the dealership and met Ken in our appointment. Ken was very accommodating. Must I say he was very patient with us and was able to give us a breakdown of the unit/s that we were inquiring about and was able to answer all our questions.

As a first time buyer, he was with us every step of the way which makes a vehicle purchasing much more comfortable and less stressful. Not once we felt like we were pressured to purchase a vehicle right there and then. Very efficient sales person took his time to show us the features of the vehicle after purchasing. Very much appreciated Ken. 🤝

May I add, the manager Anthony was very helpful with services as well as Victoria/Thea breaking down the paperwork details for us.

Definitely recommend this dealership if you are in the hunt for your next vehicle.

All the best Ken and team! 10 stars!!!